By Kyle Anderson
Updated September 02, 2011 at 04:56 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

If T.I. isn’t careful, his entire life is going to be like The Godfather Part III, both in the sense that just when he thinks he’s out, he gets pulled back in, but also in the sense that it’s becoming a terrible series of borderline-ridiculous contrivances that end in sadness.

The Atlanta rapper, born Clifford Harris, was released from the Forrest City Correctional Facility in Arkansas on Wednesday, where he was supposed to be transferred to a halfway house to serve the remainder of his sentence for probation violation (which stems from the weapons charge that put him behind bars the first time). After exiting the prison, he hopped aboard a party bus with his entourage and took off for his home city.

Apparently that didn’t sit well with prison authorities, who sent him to a different federal prison in Georgia, where he currently resides (officials didn’t specify where). It’s unclear whether or not he would be finishing his sentence there or moved to another halfway house. The rapper has one month remaining on his sentence.

This incident should make his VH1 reality series instantly interesting, as a crew began to film him and follow his recovery from prison life as soon as he stepped outside the walls of Forrest City. The 10-episode run is expected to begin in December, though it’s unclear how these new developments will effect shooting.

In the meantime, Tip has a ways to go before he can fully make it back. Not only does he have his time away to make up for, but he also has a dud of an album (2010’s No Mercy, released just after he went back behind bars for the probation violation) to come back from. Think he can do it? Let us know in the comments.