By Kyle Anderson
September 02, 2011 at 02:49 PM EDT
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In the current generation of socially aware, hyper-connected pop stars, Taylor Swift stands above all others. She has nearly eight million Twitter followers, and her YouTube videos have been watched over half a billion times. (That’s billion, just to drive that point home.)

Of course, she has also sold millions of albums and probably needs a few extra rooms in her house for all of her awards. All of that was driven home during a 40 minute interview posted yesterday as part of the “YouTube Presents” series. According to the moderator, fans submitted 30,000 questions to Swift, though they only had time to ask a handful.

Over the course of the conversation, Swift talked a lot about her songwriting process (she doesn’t know a song is finished until she writes a line that makes her go “Ooh ooh ooh ooh!”), her wackiest fans (a lot of people have been showing up to concerts wearing costumes, including one girl who recently dressed as a chicken), her TV watching habits (she loves Lockup Raw, the MSNBC prison documentary series), and what might be on her next album (she has been writing since she finished writing for Speak Now, though it’ll be at least another year before she attempts to record anything).

It’s a long watch, but Swift is charming enough to hold your attention. And really, do you have anything better to do on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend? Watch the interview after the jump.

The most interesting moment comes at about the 30-minute mark, where Swift talks about how she really likes playing “Dear John” because it has such a huge pyro-filled payoff during the show. That’s exactly the same sort of answer David Lee Roth would have given in 1981, which makes us feel simultaneously old and awesome.

But the most revelatory moment comes very early on, when Swift reveals that her current YouTube obsession is this clip of a group of lion cubs hugging their trainer. Part of Swift’s charm is that she comes across as just like the teenage girls who adore her, and watches just as many cat videos as the rest of us.

What was your favorite revelation from Swift’s YouTube interview? And what cat videos are you currently watching non-stop? We recommend you start here.


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