By Sandra Gonzalez
September 02, 2011 at 01:41 PM EDT
Ray Mickshaw / FX

This week has been my favorite week of all time for at least the past 10 years. It’s the week EW’s Fall TV Preview hits stands! No joke, the issue is full of great scoop. (And no one even forced me to write that!) So combine that awesomeness with the goodies in today’s column, and you’ve got yourself a giant feast of spoiler-y goodness this wonderful Friday. I issue a hundred “You’re welcome”s in advance, you spoiled human beings. (Wow, did I accidentally make a pun? This is shaping up to be literally the best day ever.)

For the record, I don’t know who spiked my morning tea either. But remind me to thank them. Also, let me thank you, the wonderful people who are sending questions every week. You are appreciated it. Now, keep it up!

E-mail all queries to or tweet me: @EWSandraG. Onward!


After becoming chief resident at the end of last season, April (Sarah Drew) is in for a lot of pressure this season. But will it prove to be too much for the perky doc?

“She struggles a bit,” admits Drew. “I think if you were giving awards for being the best chief resident based on your organizational skills, she’d definitely win the prize. But another really, really key element to the chief resident is getting them to respect you. Protocol and lists and schedules don’t make a lick of difference if no one is following them.” April’s rough start will lead to many instances of self-doubt, she says. Luckily, there’s someone there to comfort her. “She has a moment with Jackson where she shows him how much she’s doubting the position. And you’ll see her [doing the same] with Bailey. She’s constantly worried she’s going to get fired,” she says.

And as much as I attempt to pair these two up in my brain, Drew insists their relationship — as of now — remains platonic. “We’ll just continue to see their friendship grow. I think the idea for the two of them is [that] they have a very brother-sister relationship where he knows her better than anyone else does. And they protect one another and look out for one another — but also bicker. We’ll see a bit more of that,” she says.

But plans can always change, especially as plans are being made to give Drew’s character a love interest. But no word yet on whether that lucky guy will be a new face or someone we already know. I know what I’m hoping for (and I could be in the minority). But what’s your take, Roomies? Should April get some fresh meat? (Ewww, that came out dirty… and I’m leaving it.)


I hope y’all sincerely enjoyed the exclusive NCIS: LA promo I brought you on Monday. That looks like a doozy, huh? The sight of Hetty (Linda Hunt) slumping over after (presumably?) being shot was pretty wrenching. And I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my wits during the premiere when Callen (Chris O’Donnell) finds out, especially if the team’s reaction is as powerful as EP Shane Brennan teased. “This is big time,” he tells me. “The actual scene itself is very powerful. I will say not all the team is there to react to this. I won’t say any more than that. But the whole episode plays out in real time. There’s a pace to the episode that’s unrelenting. The clock is ticking down very quickly in this episode.”

And it ticks even fast after the first episode, he adds. Like, four months fast, jumping all the way to September. “The first episode plays out in real time. In the second, we’re back on the clock, so to speak, and we look at what has happened in those four months and the aftermath.”

So what “aftermath”-causing event happens at the end of the premiere? Of course he wouldn’t say! But as I ponder, the following warning Brennan echoes in my head: “We [often] lure the audience in to a false sense of security, and then smack them on the side of the head.”


Who’s loving Jane’s new love interest on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva? We are! Actor Lex Medlin (Southland, Happy Hour), who’ll stick around for season 3’s final three episodes, tells us he didn’t know how the dramedy’s devoted fans would react to his Judge Owen French courting Miss Bingum (Brooke Elliott). “People invested in Grayson and Jane for three years. So I was prepared to be at the grocery store and have a 70-year-old woman hit me with her handbag saying, ‘Stay away from her!'” he says. “But so far, I’m hearing people are, to some extent, open to her finding love and moving on. But she has to find the right guy.”

So what’s in store for the new couple? “You’ll see some growing pains, trying to figure each other out, just like in the beginning of any relationship. It kinda goes back and forth, and then you can start to see that they’re getting serious and starting to fall in love,” he says. “There’s a lot of good conflict to work with. I’m a judge and she’s an attorney. She’s been in love with Grayson for pretty much her entire adult life.”

And will there be a romantic cliffhanger in the season finale? “These poor people just hired me, I don’t want to make anybody mad by give anything away. Let me put it to you this way: There’s definitely romance, and there’s definitely a cliffhanger,” he says. “The finale was good enough that I finished it and sat there for about 10 minutes thinking about everything that I just read and went back and reread the entire thing. I think everybody’s going to be very, very pleased. Things won’t necessarily work out exactly how you think they’re going to. There’ll be some surprises.”

If/when the show is renewed for a fourth season — let’s get on that, Lifetime! — he says there is a window for him to return. So perhaps the judge really could be the one. “I think maybe she needs somebody like that — a very powerful person to counteract how powerful she is. But we’ll see,” Medlin says. “I’m sure I’m still gonna get beat with a handbag. [In old lady voice] ‘You leave Jane alone! You leave her alone! You son of a —–!'”

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Hola Sandra! So, you know you’re awesome. Done even try and pretend like you are not aware of the fact. That being said, be a little bit more awesome, and gimme some Community scoop! Pretty please?? — Raksha

Why, thank you. Your shameless attempt at flattery (a.k.a.: the best kind) earns you a bit of scoop, indeed: So, we know that Annie’s getting a rival this year. That’s not new info. But what might be new to you is what creator Dan Harmon hinted to me in our recent convo: Annie might have to go back to a very dark place in order to match wits with her mini-me. “[Annie’s rival] is cut from the cloth that Annie used to be cut from. She’s like a younger, more powerful kind of Annie, and Annie’s going to have to struggle with regression in order to defeat her,” he says. The funny thing is that when I first talked to Alison Brie about a year ago, she had mentioned wanting to one day see Annie go back to her crazy days. Looks like she may have gotten her wish!

Omar is coming to Community, yo! Ever since it was announced that Michael K. Williams will guest star in Community. I’ve been super excited. Anything else you can tell me about that? Or anything Community-related would do. I’m not that picky. — MJ

Well, since you’re not picky, how about some fantasy-casting scoop courtesy of Harmon! According to Harmon, he’s still hoping to snag the notoriously reclusive Bill Murray to play Jeff Winger’s dad. (After all, he says, Jeff was named after Murray’s character in Stripes!) But will it happen? Harmon’s not optimistic — considering a recent snub they received. “Jason Biggs just passed on a cameo on one of our episodes. We’re a low-rated show just chugging along in the corner. I’m pretty certain that when Amy Poehler says she’s interested in working with [Murray], she’s going to be the one who ends up working with him. So, I’ll just keep saying in Entertainment Weekly that I want to work with Bill Murray and hope some weird fairy turns Bill’s head toward our show and he checks it out and likes it and takes pity on us.” We believe in you, Dan! Shoot for the stars because even if you miss… well, you’ll be lost in space. And that would suck. Wow, I’m really terrible at motivation stuff.

How I Met Your Mother, please! Anything will do! — Abel

When Martin Short makes his first appearance this season as Marshall’s new boss at an environmental firm, he warned me earlier this week that we might feel like his part was cut a little, erm, short. He’s only in two scenes — and both are in a swamp. “He’s looking for chemical run-off, but very happy about it — high waders and a big smile on his face,” says Short. But not to worry! When we spoke, he was just a few days away from returning to the set for two more episodes. And these, he said, will reveal that there is much more hiding behind his character’s optimism. Short teases: “We find out there are darker elements to his joy.” How very Damages.

Any Nikita scoop please! The wait is too long! I feel like I’m getting more impatient as we get closer. — Kelly

Amen to that. Thankfully, it seems the wait will be worth it. I’m particularly excited about the sixth episode, in which Nikita finds herself face-to-face with the man she believes to be her father. But there’s more to that story… which, of course, I can’t tell you. I can say, however, that it’s an episode that teaches us quite a bit more about Nikita’s backstory.

Royal Pains ended this week and while it was just an okay episode, I’m really curious what’s going to happen with Divya! Is she coming back after the break? — Amanda

Rest assured Reshma Shetty will be back as Divya for the second half of the season in the winter. But her actions in the season finale won’t be without consequences — not the least of which will be the loss of some of Hank’s trust. But it won’t be all dreariness when we return. One of the episodes in the second half will give us a peek at Evan… the thespian!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming back soon, Sandra! A little scoop for your old friend, Day Man? — Day Man

Anything for the champion of the sun. Having viewed the season premiere (abs-o-freaking-awesome), I can tell you a cryptic series of actions that you may attempt to piece together with the correct character in your masterful mind: Someone pretends to be a millionaire, someone vomits blood, three people have medical issues/emergencies (not including the aforementioned blood vomiter), and someone (sort of) interacts with both Tiger Woods and Don Cheadle. Best guess gets a shout-out next week. You have to e-mail me your guesses:!

Let’s get some Hawaii Five-0 scoopage!! — Nola

A case in the sixth episode of the season will take McGarrett and Danny into the world of MMA fighting. And you can BET the writers are not going to pass up a chance to get McGarrett into the ring… or is it cage? Whatever, McGarrett fights. That’s what’s important. If that’s not something to look forward to, you’re impossible!

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Wilfred is going to end its season really soon. Is it a cliffhanger? — James

You bet. But it’s one that won wide praise among the cast, says Jason Gann, who plays Wilfred and is a co-executive producer on the show. “When we heard about it, we were on set and we all loved it,” he says. “I mean, there are arguments for and against having a cliffhanger, and I think that it’s done really, really well.”

Anything on Supernatural? Castiel will be pleased with you if you give us some delicious scoop. — Katie

I highly suggest you pick up the aforementioned Fall TV issue, which I believe (after consulting with my fellow members of the elite Supernatural Fan Council), contains a new photo from the season! Also, there is much, much more from my chats with creator Sera Gamble and Jared Padalecki coming to you soon. Stay tuned…

Parenthood! Please! — Liz

Well, as you know Cee Lo Green is stopping by Crosby’s studio. (And if you didn’t, now you do!) But I hear his session doesn’t go quite as planned, and Crosby’s pointing the finger at Adam. (And truth be told, you probably would, too.) To add to the recording drama, Crosby’s dealing with what he considers a major betrayal from Jasmine.

Your Parks and Recreation scoop last week was cruel. You are a cruel woman. Now, help me out here with another clue! I’m dying! — Lisa

Fun fact: At least two of the sentences in your query were things people wrote in my high school yearbook. Fun fact No. 2: My lips are sealed about the break-up scoop. I’ve said all I can say. Fun fact No. 3: I have something fresh for you to gnaw on. At some point this season, Ben and Andy will get into a scuffle that ends with someone in the ER!

@EWSandraG Do you have any Nico-related Necessary Roughness scoop? I’m kinda in love w/ him. #SpoilerRoom — @ reebsreiswig

With just a couple of episodes left, next week’s is going to be pretty great. As drama mounts in the Pittman household, Nico is tasked with uncovering some dirty secrets. And one such secret leaves him flustered, to say the least.

Thanks for the reassuring scoop last week about our favorite duo on Castle. Would it be ungrateful for us to request more tidbits to tide us over in the final weeks before the premiere? How’s the wedding planning going for Detective Ryan? Will we see mention of that in these early episodes? Thanks for always been so supportive of one our favorite shows! — Cheryl

Oh, the wedding planning is in full progress! But… will another romance get away? Oh, sorry. I meant to say bromance. “Esposito and Ryan have their own little thing going on. They have their own little bromance,” says executive producer Laurie Zaks with a laugh. “Their bromance has taken off.” Meanwhile, Nathan Fillion teased a Battle for Best Man 2011, which will reward either Castle or Esposito. “It’s going to come down to, you’ve got two friends: Your partner and your new best friend Castle,” he says. “It might come down to how good of a bachelor party they can throw.”

Hi Sandra! I’m so excited about the return of Blue Bloods? Anything good in your bag of tricks to hold me over? — Stacy K.

How about some news on my inappropriate crush (Tom Selleck)? I hear an episode in this upcoming season is going to find the Commissioner in the throes of a messy racial conflict, led by the efforts of a man named Graham Potter, who accuses him of being a racist. Things are going to get ugly before they get better.

Fringe? PLEASE!! — Andy

In the spirit of the show, I’ll be vague about this tease for the third episode: Epidemic. More soon. Also, make sure you’ve clicked through these!

I know it only ended a few months ago, but how about some Nurse Jackie scoop? Is she going to try to fix her marriage? — Geri

Probably not. In fact, I’m going to say he’s probably more into the idea of mending it than she is.

Hi, I really want to know how Emily Prentiss will deal with her ordeal and hiding. We know she can hide her feelings, but something must be bothering her. Good luck with Irene. Thanks. — JP

Thank you. Irene came and went around my part of the city, thankfully. (Others weren’t so lucky, though.) Regarding scoop, I find it very interesting you ask that specific question, JP. Because that may or may not be a question I posed to Paget Brewster when I visited the Criminal Minds set last month. Speaking of which, I should put up that video. Possibly today. Or Monday. Depends how much I want to torture y’all. Either way, if you want to know as soon as it’s out, I recommend following me on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

*Casting EXTRA*

So, this might make you excited because I know it gave me the warm fuzzies. Remember The Wonder Years? (You better!) Well, EW has learned that Mr. Arnold is coming back to TV! Dan Lauria is set to guest-star on TNT’s upcoming new series Perception, where he will play Joe Moretti, a retired police detective and papa to Rachael Leigh Cook’s character Kate. The show premieres summer 2012. Welcome back (from the dead?), Mr. Arnold! (Anecdote: I might have cried like a infant when I watched the finale and found out Kevin’s dad died in the future. MIGHT HAVE.)

(Mandi Bierly and Lynette Rice contributed to this column)