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Updated September 01, 2011 at 09:06 PM EDT


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Apparently, today is the day that everybody gets involved in music videos.

There’s a pair out there that feature Community star Danny Pudi, and Shia LaBoeuf just unveiled the Marilyn Manson video that he directed (be warned the latter is NSFW, nor should it really be viewed by anybody, ever).

This one could trump them all. Making her music video debut—well, as long as you don’t count videos that include footage from Twilight—Kristen Stewart stars in Marcus Foster’s clip for “I Was Broken.”

Really, Foster himself does most of the starring (three-quarters of the clip is a static shot of his face), but Stewart does lend her visage (and those deep, dark eyes) to the lush black-and-white clip. Watch the whole thing after the jump, and don’t worry: there are no vampires present.

You can take or leave the song (which is pretty if not a bit bland), but the main complaint is the general lack of Stewart. If you have such a huge and entrancing actress willing to appear in your music video, go ahead and point the camera at her every once in a while. Fans of K-Stew will probably feel a little short-changed by her relative absence.

Stewart is going to be busy promoting a ton of high-profile projects over the next few months, including both installments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the long-awaited film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the fantasy adventure flick Snow White and the Huntsman. Somewhere in there, she should really make time to take a vacation, or visit another music festival.

What’s your take on Stewart’s appearance in Foster’s “I Was Broken” video? Drop your opinion off in the comments!


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