Perhaps Community star Danny Pudi is jealous of the attention that co-star Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino) has received in the music world, because all of a sudden he’s the music video star du jour (think of him as a more indie-centric Tawny Kitaen or Alicia Silverstone).

In Raphael Saadiq’s clip for “Day Dreams,” Pudi stands in for the artist and goes on a fantasy shopping spree buying things for his girlfriend that he cannot afford. It’s a fun, frothy clip that shows off Pudi’s lip-syncing skills (which appear formidable) and relies on the same sort of goofy charisma that fuels his performance as Abed Nadir.

In the video for Jones Street Station’s “The Understanding,” Pudi pulls off some more dramatic moves. The plot follows Pudi as he wanders around the streets of New York, buys the world’s smallest camera to take a series of photos of strangers, seduces a woman in Central Park, and then finally ends up in a recording studio with the band (along with said woman, who is revealed to be a producer).

In a frustrating missed opportunity, Pudi literally plays out the lyric “survive on tea and toast” (he’s actually drinking tea and eating toast in a diner) but doesn’t play out the lyric right after that, which is “shake your fist at an angry ghost.” Come on, Pudi! Shake that fist at, say, this ghost.

Though the clips show two different sides of the actor’s personality, they also have a handful of parallels. Each one has Pudi shopping, and they both find him engaging with strangers. He only passes bad checks in the Saadiq clip, though it would have been amusing had that somehow gotten worked into Jones Street clip, too.

Check out both videos below, and let us know which side of Pudi you prefer in your music videos in the comments below.


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