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She got you, babe. Cher has taken to Twitter to defend her son Chaz Bono's decision to join Dancing With the Stars as the series' first transgendered contestant. After becoming aware that Chaz was taking a lot of heat from transphobic Internet commenters, she encouraged her fans to voice support for him on blogs and message boards and reminded everyone, "Mothers don't stop Getting angry with stupid bigots who fk with their children !"

Cher assures America: "bet VAST MAJORITY of People will LOVE CHAZ on DWTS ! & it's took Fkg Guts 2! Chaz isn't exactly the 'Gotta Dance Gotta Dance' kinda Guy."

Is it possible Cher's perfectly crafted tweets are even more exquisite than her songs?

Chaz wrote back: "Thanks for all your support mom. The haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on DWTS as long as I possibly can."

DWTS executive producer Conrad Green told ABC News he thinks people will relish getting to know Chaz better, and hopes that by the Sept. 19 premiere, this will be a non-issue. "We're not going to be making a huge amount of issue out of people's sexuality," he said. "We never have on the show."

(This, of course, was a fluke. It was totally a theme night.)

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