Though her performance may have been confusing and long-winded (not to mention not entirely original), you have to give Lady Gaga credit for her show-length turn as alter-ego Jo Calderone during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards. As many people pointed out, it was probably the longest she has ever kept the same outfit on, and she managed to keep up the attitude throughout the show (though her Karate Kid accent was sort of all over the place). The whole thing even earned the approval of LGBT advocates.

Most of all, she definitely inhabited the male-ness of her persona. In fact, according to a scoop from the fine folks at Us, she was so method that she actually wore a prosthetic penis underneath her pants. She did do an awful lot of crotch grabbing over the course of the show, and apparently she actually had something to hold onto (though to be fair, her hand drifts towards her groin even when she’s in lady mode).

Gaga has always played around with gender, and this is hardly the first time she has been thought to have something swinging between her legs. Remember all those rumors about her being a hermaphrodite? And she famously donned some very visible strap-on junk for a photo shoot for Q magazine in Britain. So while the two-and-a-half hour shape-shift into Jo Calderone was new and bold, it wasn’t the first time she has packed a little extra heat.

Does the prosthetic penis change the way you thought about the Jo Calderone character? And, more importantly, what’s next for Lady Gaga? Leave your thoughts in the comments!