This Sunday, Brandy makes her return to acting with the start of a three-episode guest arc on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. Her character, Elisa Shayne, ended a relationship with Parker (Josh Stamberg) eight years ago, and comes to him for legal help. She quit her job as a nurse to care for her dying father, and now his life insurance company refuses to pay out his policy. “I think she was really in love with Parker at one point, and you know how Parker is on the show,” Brandy laughs. “She couldn’t handle his lifestyle, so she moved on. She’s a really somber woman. She’s quiet. She’s a good mom. She loved her dad. She’s a nurse. She’s a caretaker. I fell in love with her when I talked to the producers about her.” That’s good, because producers are leaving the door open for the character, who has a secret that involves Parker, to return — assuming Lifetime renews the show. (Let’s get on that!). “She starts to work at the firm, and she definitely has some things that she’s keeping from people,” Brandy says. “That keeps me around. Hopefully it will bring me back for season 4, if they get picked up. I’m looking forward to that. I love Atlanta, where it’s shot. The cast is a family there. That’s a blessing to be able to come back to acting, and then work with people who are humble and excited to work with me just as much as I am with them.”

If she does return, Brandy, who’s recording a new album under the RCA/Chameleon Records umbrella, would love to sing with series star Brooke Elliott, a Broadway vet. “That’s all we did on the breaks. When they would say ‘Cut!’ we’d start back singing together, and it was so fun,” Brandy says. “She sings songs that have something to do with the show. Like if we’re in a room for a long time, she’ll sing a song about us being in that same room for five or six hours, and then I’ll just chime in and sing those lyrics with her.”

In the meantime, Brandy will have a five-episode guest arc on the CW’s 90210 this fall as a politician. “She’s all about helping people and getting in contact with the youth and relating to them. She’s kickass,” she says of that character. “She reminds me of a young Michelle Obama. I’m like I’m gettin’ to play a politician. I never would have imagined going from Moesha, then to Drop Dead Diva, to playing a politician. It’s like, Wow, I’m gonna keep this acting thing up! I can probably land a movie role soon if I keep going,” she laughs. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

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