If there was still any question left on how to bring the beloved ’90s animated series Captain Planet to the big screen, Don Cheadle and Funny or Die just answered it. Just bring together the plot of the classic series (i.e. finding ways to teach kids about the importance of recycling), the theme song, and all the characters, including the Planeteers and their respective powers (Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!), and of course, Captain Planet. Only this time make Captain Planet into a power-abusing, homicidal superhero who replenishes the Earth’s natural resources by turning people, pets, and even babies into trees and shrubbery. Also, change his catchphrase “The power is yours!” to “The power is mine, bitches!” and you’ve got, arguably, the best remake ever on your hands. Watch the full, NSFW clip below:

What do you think of Don Cheadle’s take on Captain Planet, PopWatchers? Should Gillian Jacobs play Linka in the big screen version, too? Share in the comments section below!

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