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Everyone likes to immediately complain once the Dancing With the Stars cast is announced. What I’ve gathered so far by fluttering around various posts and our photo gallery of the cast is that a bunch of people are scared of transgendered contestant Chaz Bono, and a large percentage of humanity really, really doesn’t like Nancy Grace. Overall, reader satisfaction ranges wildly, from “I actually like this lineup!” (RaRa) to “Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel” (Ma’at).

“They certainly upped the ‘interesting’ factor this season,” said Fred, referring to Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace. But later, what I presume is a different Fred shared with us that he “would rather get stabbed in the neck than watch Nancy Grace.”

The show “should be called ‘Dancing WITHOUT the Stars,'” said Feather, who at least got into the spirit of the show with his or her username.

I saw the usual threats of abandonment, like “DWTS has finally done it. My Monday nights are now free” from Connie, who is probably lying, and “Lame cast. Not watching” from Heather, who is definitely lying.

Believe it or not, the cast of DWTS has never mattered to me right away. I’ll have my favorites and dread-magnets going in, but I never presume to judge how the season will go based on the star power of the celebs — or even who they are, really. It isn’t until week 4 or 5 that the way they all mesh together in the (ugh) Celebriquarium will set the tone of the season. So I just hold on tight and wait for that. There’s plenty to mock in the meantime!

Like I said in my post announcing the Star-Pro pairings, I’m most excited about Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya (their rehearsals should have a live Internet feed, Big Brother-style), Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo (hello, hotness), and Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer (if any female pro can loosen him up, it’s her). I’m also predicting backstage hilarity from the often-incoherent power duo of David Arquette and Ron Artest, and suspect that All My Children star and former Iraq War soldier J.R. Martinez will become the Ty Murray of season 13 — nice guy no one had ever heard of who ends up winning the DANCMSTR nation over with his personality and effort.

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Are you givin’ Metta World Peace a chance or what?


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