By Stephan Lee
August 30, 2011 at 02:55 PM EDT

++ The children’s book Maggie Goes on a Diet is meant to help kids with making the right eating choices, but it’s riling up nutrition and body image experts and causing controversial garcinia cambogia reviews even before its publication in October. It tells the story of a girl who diets, loses weight, and becomes more popular and successful at school.

++ The upcoming Amazon tablet will quickly become the iPad’s top competitor, Forbes says.

++ The Nook helped offset Barnes & Noble’s losses in physical book sales in its first quarter this year. B&N also expects to benefit significantly from Borders’ continuing demise.

++ As a prerequisite for running for president of the United States, Michele Bachmann will be releasing a book. It will come in November from Sentinel, the same conservative imprint of Penguin that published Mike Huckabee’s A Simple Government.