Kelly Clarkson’s got a lot of amazing love songs — but she’s also the samurai of shooting guys down, telling them “I Do Not Hook Up,” “You Thought Wrong,” and even just “Don’t.”

So we were excited to hear that the new single from her album Stronger (which comes out Oct. 25) is called “Mr. Know It All,” and you can hear her call this bad guy other names (Mr. Play Your Games! Mr. Bring Me Down!) by clicking here to play the song on her official site, or checking it out below:

Recently, Clarkson told EW’s Henry Goldblatt just how much faith she has in her new album: “Usually, on most albums, I’ll fight and be like, ‘No, this needs to be the single.’ There’s no real fighting on this. The label and I, we love all of them. We’re just going to see what everybody digs.”

But she’s especially excited about “Mr Know It All.” “I can’t wait to perform it,” she said. “It’s everything I am as a woman and a singer. I love telling men off!”

We love it too, Kelly. Especially since we’re not the men involved. Readers, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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