In the October issue of Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie, who graces the cover, says some things that will, no doubt, gain a lot of attention. From the rumored seeeeeecret wedding to longtime partner Brad Pitt (“[There’s] no secret wedding”) to plans on expanding their brood (“I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting at the moment”) to Brad’s reaction after reading her script (“He called and said, ‘You know, honey, it’s not that bad'”) and his feelings on how she’ll be as a director (“Brad thinks I’m going to be a nightmare”), Jolie’s refreshingly honest quotes always grab the public’s interest.

But there was another thing in particular that Jolie told VF that caught our attention: She doesn’t watch TV! Yes, it’s true, she’s one of those. While we can’t fathom a life without it, turns out, Jolie’s non-TV lifestyle paid off for her in a big way. The Oscar-winning superstar explained to the mag that it was when she was sick and locked away in the attic (sans TV) of their French home (it’s not as weird as it sounds) that lead to the script for her Bosnian war film In the Land of Blood and Honey.

“I had the flu,” Jolie explained to VF. “I had to be quarantined from the children for two days. I was in the attic of a house in France. I was isolated, pacing. I don’t watch TV and I wasn’t reading anything. So I started writing. I went from the beginning to the end. I didn’t know any other way.”

After the script was ready, Jolie lined up her director (herself) and her cast (unknown actors from Bosnia). “It was something I didn’t trust out of my hands,” said Jolie. “So by default I ended up putting myself in as director.” She explained the reasoning behind her casting as well: “It couldn’t be anybody else. It’s their story. It was important that they were willing to do it. If none of them were willing, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Still, Jolie had her worries about being the sole person behind the labor of love project. “I’ve never felt more exposed. My whole career, I’ve hidden behind other people’s words. Now it’s me talking. You feel ridiculous when you get something wrong.” Don’t worry, Angie, whenever you talk, people will always listen.

The Angelina Jolie issue of Vanity Fair — which also features photos of the actress/writer/director with her kids and even more talk of Brad (“He’s been so supportive. But it’s hard to separate the person that loves you from the critic, so I don’t think he’s a fair judge”) — hits newsstands Sept. 1.

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