In the name of Yankees pride, Alec Baldwin had punched John Krasinski in the face and humiliated his It’s Complicated co-star on the Yankee Stadium jumbotron. But things get a lot more heated in the latest commercial from New Era caps. After a particularly painful New York loss to the hated Red Sox, Baldwin finally burns his fingers by going too far. Take a look below as Baldwin gets his karmic due for torching a full-house of treasured Red Sox tickets.

Points to Krasinski, who through this entire ordeal, has proudly worn his team’s hat and proven himself the more authentic baseball fan. Here, he knows that singed tickets are still usable as long as the bar-code is intact. But the gem here is the 912-call. This is a total Jack Donaghy joke (“It’s 911 for rich people!”). Or is it…? 9 – 1 – 2. 912. Put a 1 in front and you have 1912. 1912: the year that Boston’s Fenway Park opened its doors and the year that Krasinski’s beloved Sox won their first World Series. Methinks Baldwin might be in for more trouble with this team of (New England?) writers.

How does this commercial compare to the others? And what was so heavy in Baldwin’s suitcase? Gold bullion? A dead body? Brass balls?

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