By Lynette Rice
Updated August 29, 2011 at 04:57 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesFred Willard will help Kyra Sedgwick and Co. celebrate a very special milestone of The Closer. EW has learned exclusively that the funny man from the Christopher Guest flicks will play “Santa Jack” in the 100th episode.

Yep, the veteran actor from Best in Show (as well as numerous sitcoms like Back to You and Everybody Loves Raymond) will play St. Nick. In the episode, Willard will depict the owner of a Christmas Village where a serious casualty occurs on a zip line. TNT’s official take: “Fighting elves and competing St. Nicks argue over the true meaning of Christmas while Brenda (Sedgwick) reminds people they have the right to remain jolly.” Nice!

Meanwhile, Willard’s character has delusions that he’s the real Father Christmas. Sounds like perfect casting for Willard, last seen making a cameo on TNT’s Franklin and Bash.

His episode will air Dec. 5.

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