Lady Gaga
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So, which is better (or worse)? Chris Gaines? Or Jo Calderone? Lady Gaga’s male alter ego took the MTV VMA stage a second time to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award to Britney Spears, and for a man who opened the show complaining about the constant spotlight on Lady Gaga, he seemingly could not stop hogging it for himself.

After lauding Spears as “a pop music legend” who inspired him when he was a starving artist, Calderone offered this anecdote/over-share: “I used to hang posters of her on the wall and touch myself when I was in bed.” (Spears, for her part, found that hilarious.) Calderone then cued a well-choreographed-if-still-mildly-horrifying tribute performance by a gaggle of tween girls in Britney drag dancing to some of her biggest hits.

Finally, Brit Brit took to the stage, and alllllmost shared a lip-lock with Calderone. Instead, she giggled, and said, “I’ve done that already,” referring to her famous kiss with Madonna in 2003. But Jo would not be denied, grabbing the mic, and saying, “We’re just a good old fashioned American man and a good old fashioned American girl.” Well, okay! Then they both pivoted to introducing Beyonce’s very buzz-y performance of “Love on Top.” At least the two appeared to laugh about the whole hullabaloo afterwards.

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