Considering he has made the show so memorable in the past two years, and he also has an extremely high-profile album out and a tour to promote, it seemed a little bit strange that Kanye West’s name wasn’t on the guest list for tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. But according to one report, West will be making a surprise appearance on stage with his Watch the Throne tag-team partner Jay-Z for a performance.

According to E!, the duo’s appearance has been kept deep under wraps (their seat-saving placards were missing during rehearsals this week), and according to those connected to the show, the slot was still up in the air (though some speculated that they could end up closing the show).

Rumors are also running around the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live that they could also be teaming up with Beyoncé, who is featured on “Liftoff,” one of Watch the Throne‘s finest, most pop-friendly moments.

This is good news for the VMAs, which was lacking some punch on stage. Lady Gaga should provide a headline-worthy opening performance, but after that MTV still has about 110 minutes to fill.

There are plenty of other rumors spinning around the VMAs, including surprise performances by Justin Bieber and Bad Meets Evil (aka Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″), though neither of those concepts seem to have any weight to them.

Here’s the big question: If Jay-Z and Kanye West were going to show up and perform on the show, why wouldn’t MTV advertise that? Considering the lack of buzz surrounding the show (partially due to the fact that they haven’t had a host to promote it), it would seem like Jay and West’s appearance would get some eyeballs on the TV screens. Surprises are nice, but so is knowing you’re not going to be wasting two hours.

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