Johnny Depp is teetering back into familiar territory. The Rum Diary trailer has arrived, highlighting the actor’s second journey into the mind of Hunter S. Thompson after 1998’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas made him Hollywood’s bona fide reincarnation of the deceased Gonzo journalist. Depp plays another character based on the author himself, but this time he’s ditched the drugs and the desert in favor of a death-defying Amber Heard and many bottles of sweet Puerto Rican rum.

The trailer is as colorful and vibrant as one covering a journalist’s 1960’s drunken jaunt through Puerto Rico should be. Depp encounters a bedazzled turtle, imagines a giant tongue, and goes rum-bottle-bowling while he tries to seduce Heard and take down a sleazy, corrupt businessman (Aaron Eckhart). Despite the typical hallucinatory hodge-podge, Diary looks more mainstream and accessible to the sober general public than the drug-addled Vegas. Plus, there’s Richard Jenkins!

Diary will stumble into a theatre near you on Oct. 28. In the meantime, grab the nearest bedazzled turtle and check out the trailer below.

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