The star of ''Our Idiot Brother'' lists the TV shows, music, and people tickling his quirky funny bone

By EW Staff
Updated August 26, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Rick Moranis on SCTV
Bill Hader and I have been on a tear of YouTubing old Rick Moranis clips. Rick Moranis is a genius. There’s a sketch where he plays Michael McDonald singing on the Christopher Cross song ”Ride Like the Wind.” It’s a perfect sketch.

Heidecker & Wood’s Starting From Nowhere
It’s an album by Tim Heidecker from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Davin Wood that perfectly captures that ’70s AM-radio soft-rock feel. Lyrically it’s just a little off. You could listen to it and not get the joke. It’s really well-observed and the songs are great.

Louie, FX
I’ve been such a fan of [Louis C.K.’s] for so many years. The show has such a singular vision — it’s just the perfect blend of everything. It’s one of the only shows I have a season pass for that I watch all of the episodes.

Albert Brooks
I’m working with him right now on This Is Forty. He’s my movie dad. To work with your hero and see how his brain works and how he phrases things is just incredible. It’s a little intimidating and so crazy hard not to lose it when he does something funny. If I blow a take of Albert Brooks, I want to kill myself.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van, Comedy Central
He and three other guys ride around in their news van and do man-on-the-street reports. It’s really clever. Some of it is absurdist, some of it is poignant, some of it is satirical, some of it is just strange.