By Stephan Lee
Updated August 26, 2011 at 01:41 PM EDT

++ We mentioned Booktrack’s exciting new product earlier this week, but check out this new demonstration video. What are your initial thoughts on soundtracks for books — distraction or enhancement?

++ South Korean youths are among the most accomplished, educated kids in the world, but they’re also some of the unhappiest. A book of advice — It’s Youth, Because It’s Painful by Kim Ran-Do — addressed to this at-risk group has been taking Korea by storm and will soon be making its way overseas. At the moment, sales are outpacing even those of South Korean international bestseller Please Look After Mom.

++ Speaking of advice books in Asia, a fraudulent Steve Jobs book called Steve Paul Jobs’s Eleven Pieces of Advice for Young People Today is a bestseller in Taiwan. The book is being marketed as a “translation” of a U.S. Amazon bestseller. One thing the book got right: Jobs’ middle name really is Paul.

++ Forthcoming children’s diet book is creating controversy.

++ The C.I.A. is demanding cuts from a 9/11 memoir by former F.B.I. agent Ali H. Soufan.

++ The entirety of The Godfather may have been available (illicitly) on YouTube for a hot second this week, but here’s an even better treat for fans who’ve already seen the movie a hundred times: a heavily annotated page from director Francis Ford Coppola’s copy of Mario Puzo’s novel. The marginalia here would make any English major proud, and please tell me he used a ruler to draw those lines. Otherwise his genius just isn’t fair to the rest of us.