By Adam Markovitz
Updated August 26, 2011 at 05:06 AM EDT

Natalie Portman has turned down a starring role in the drama Adaline — the same part that was ditched by Katherine Heigl last year. A rep for Portman tells EW that the the Black Swan star was offered and declined the lead role of a woman who mysteriously stops aging after a freak accident. The project previously had a March 2011 start date when Heigl was attached along with director Andy Tennant (The Bounty Hunter, Hitch), but it was put on hold when the actress withdrew last November. Portman, 30, has yet to pick a film since winning an Oscar in February and giving birth to her first child in June, although she has stayed in the public eye thanks to in-the-can movies like Thor and Your Highness and a high profile ad campaign for Miss Dior Cherie perfume.

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