By Brad Wete
August 26, 2011 at 09:26 PM EDT
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With the 2011 MTV VMAs just two days away, it got us thinking: Boy, some nutty things have happened over the years. Butts have been exposed, pop queens have kissed, and there have been just plain awkward moments.

The question now is what’s going to happen next: Maybe Lady Gaga will wear a live animal—who knows? So while we wait for the madness to ensue, let’s speculate! Below are some things that just might happen.

Award Theft

Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” loses to Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” in the Best New Artist category. While the band accepts their award, ‘Shawn storms the stage (kind of like this guy) and steals the mic and the award, calling them and fellow nominees Tyler, The Creator, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Sean “basic b—-es.” Tyler, of course, is the only one who finds this funny.

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Lady Gaga Goes “Normal”

Amid rampant speculation about what she’ll wear during her red carpet strut and performance, Gaga does the unthinkable: She wears regular clothes. When Gaga arrives to be interviewed by MTV journalist Sway, his first question is, “You’re kidding, right?” In black Levis skinny jeans, two-inch heels, a white shirt, and red blazer, she looks up at a confused Sway and says, “Honey, I’m so serious. This is what I’m wearing tonight on stage as well.” Sway’s head explodes.

Adele Literally Blows the Roof Off

While performing her fiery single about an ex, “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele digs deep into the recesses of her mind—recalling past arguments and disappointments with said dufus and sings with even more passion than usual. Backed by a gospel choir, the soulful bridge is intense, to say the least. Suddenly screws are twisting free, raining from the ceiling. Spotlights are falling. Still, stuck in the moment, Adele continues to wail. Then it happens. The roof flies off of Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. Only one person in the building has not run for their life: Beyoncé, who is giving Adele a standing ovation with tears streaming down her cheeks. Bravo, indeed.

The VMAs air live from Los Angeles Sunday at 9 p.m. (live ET/ tape-delayed PT). What are some things you hope will happen? Let us know.

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