At 27, she's a Grammy-winning, big-game-hunting country superstar with a husband you may have heard of — and a whole lot on her iPod

By Grady Smith
Updated August 26, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Adele, 21
”She sings with all of herself; it just feels like she’s telling a story and you’re believing every word of it. I like ‘Rumour Has It.’ It’s sassy — I like sassy songs, as you know — and it’s got some sex appeal.”

Blake Shelton, Red River Blue
”Blake [whom she married earlier this summer] is such a great singer, and we have such different tastes in music. But ‘Honey Bee’ is such a feel-good song, and it’s 100 percent him.”

Beyoncé, B’Day
”This record — it really feels like no one was bothering her, like she kind of went in and did whatever she wanted. I have every [Beyoncé] record, I have Destiny’s Child, I’ve seen her four times in concert — so I’m just a giant fan. I love her.”

Pistol Annies, Hell on Heels
”Pistol Annies is my new girl-band project [out Aug. 23]. It’s three friends that came together and have the same passion for songwriting, and we just have this amazing chemistry together. If you put it in, you’re going to think you stepped back in time, like, 30 years.”

Merle Haggard, Down Every Road
”You can literally put it on and sit there for four hours on your deck drinking a beer and never feel like you need to change a track. It’s the best box set ever. I think people who feel like they don’t know country need to listen to Merle. He writes about real things he’s actually been through without being afraid. To me, he’s everything that I love about country music.”