Anthony Bourdain issues fightin' words to Paula Deen


Chef and Travel Channel star Anthony Bourdain is no stranger to stirring the pot, but in an interview last week with TV Guide, the No Reservations host waged a war of words against Food Network darling Paula Deen, calling her ”the worst, most dangerous person in America” thanks to her butter-loving ways. Deen shot back, telling the New York Post that Bourdain ”needs to get a life.” ”I harbor no bad feelings towards Anthony,” she later told EW. ”Just don’t be mean, baby.” So how do the two combatants stack up in this food fight? We break it down.

Famous Restaurants
Deen: Savannah’s The Lady & Sons
Bourdain: NYC’s Brasserie Les Halles

Deen: 10, including her bestselling memoir It Ain’t All About the Cookin’
Bourdain: 10, including his best-selling memoir Kitchen Confidential

Average Rating Last Season
Deen: 1.1 million
Bourdain: 753,000

Dramatic Food Moment
Deen: Accidentally hit in the face with a frozen ham during a 2009 charity event
Bourdain: Intentionally ate warthog anus in Namibia in an episode of No Reservations

Twitter Followers
Deen: 497,750
Bourdain: 521,517