By Kate Ward
August 25, 2011 at 01:15 PM EDT

It’s a lofty claim, but surely not one that many would disagree with. And Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was so steadfast in his belief that resigning Apple CEO Steve Jobs is a technological marvel, he repeated his praise twice during an interview with Bloomberg West‘s Emily Chang and Cory Johnson. First labeling Jobs as “the greatest technical leader we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, at least,” Wozniak later amped up his statement: “He’s always going to be remembered as probably, maybe for the next 100 years, the greatest business leader — at least technology business leader — of our time, ever.”

During the interview (see video here), Wozniak talked about how proud he was just to be associated with Jobs, who co-founded Apple with Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. “I admire him,” Wozniak said. “I brings a smile to me just that I knew somebody that important in improving our lives.” But the Apple co-founder — who was “shocked” to hear that Jobs was resigning — doesn’t have an answer as to exactly why Jobs is leaving the company. “I’m a person who would never ask even close friends of mine about their personal life,” he said. Still, Wozniak expects Jobs to “watch [the company] for awhile and hope it’s on the right track.”

Along with discussing how Jobs changed the industry — what with iTunes and his insistence that Apple release only top-quality products — Wozniak talked about Jobs’ personality during Apple’s early days (seen here, above left), labeling him “fast-moving. Like, maybe a version of ADHD.” Jobs did, however, have one goal back in those days: “He wanted to be an important person in the world,” Wozniak said.

Mission accomplished.

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