By Kyle Anderson
August 25, 2011 at 06:48 PM EDT

In an exceptionally strange turn of events last week, Lindsay Lohan heard a lyric from Pitbull’s massive worldwide hit “Give Me Everything,” didn’t like that her name was referenced, and decided to sue the rapper for defamation.

Pitbull isn’t the sort to take this kind of thing lying down, which is why he crafted a video statement that explains his stance on the issue and how he hopes to resolve it.

In the video below, Pitbull notes that the offending lyric in question (“I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”) is actually a compliment, as having something “locked up” means you are in charge.

He also apologized for any mental anguish he may have caused her and, in an interesting twist, invited Lohan to come with him to this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, where he will be performing live (and will likely be busting out “Give Me Everything”).

Check out the entirety of his statement after the jump.

Considering the strange timing of the suit (“Give Me Everything” has been a hit for months) and the claims Lohan is making (she says the lyric has done “irreparable harm” to her), Pitbull probably could have simply dismissed this whole thing.

But he really took the high road on this one, and in the clip above he sounds genuinely bothered by the fact that his song caused anybody any harm. He notes at the end that he’s waiting to see what the lawyers say, but the seeming frivolity of the suit and Pitbull’s response really makes Lohan look like a villain.

What do you think? Is the lyric fair game, or does Lohan have a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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