Credit: PR Photos

Syfy’s update of the classic sci-fi story The Philadelphia Experiment has cast legendary actor Malcolm McDowell, along with with several other notable names.

McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Entourage) is joined by Nicholas Lea (V, Kyle XY), Michael Paré (Virgin Suicides), Gina Holden (Saw 3D, Final Destination), and Sanctuary vets Ryan Robbins and Emilie Ullerup.

Syfy’s new movie version of The Philadelphia Experiment is based on a mythical 1943 U.S. Navy military test that supposedly made a warship invisible. The story was adapted to a 1984 movie of the same name — which, by the way, starred Paré — and added a sci-fi twist: Two survivors of the experiment traveled forward in time.

This new version is set in modern-day, and concerns a team that attempts to replicate the WWII-era experiment. The test brings the original vanished ship into the 21st century, but with deadly consequences. Lea plays the hero of the tale, McDowell is the original scientist behind the experiment and Paré is one of the villain’s henchmen.

The movie will shoot in Vancouver and premiere next year.