By Aly Semigran
Updated August 25, 2011 at 09:00 PM EDT
Everett Collection

A random thought occurred to me the other day while I was watching A League of Their Own for roughly the 737th time on cable (well, besides how Stilwell Angel might be the most evil movie child since Damien): Do kids still write letters to celebrities? In this age of Twitter and information overload (what would you even ask your favorite star when you already know everything about them?) the accessibility of talking to a celebrity — or even the desire to — must have changed somewhat.

The reason that particular movie made me ponder that is because the first celebrity I ever wrote a letter to was Geena Davis. I loved A League of Their Own (and as you can see, I still do) and felt it was absolutely necessary to inform the Oscar-winner of that fact. Now, I can’t recall exactly what I wrote to her, but I’m sure it went a little something like this: “Dear Ms. Davis, You are very beautiful and very talented and I really love A League of Their Own and your character in it! But, why did you drop the ball at the end and let Kit win? WHY?! Also, can I have your autograph?” (For the record, she — or at least the person that read and answered her fan mail — kindly obliged.)

But now it’s your turn to share, PopWatchers: Who was the first star you ever wrote a letter to? What did you say to them? Did you make a request or tell them how much you loved — or, in some cases, hated — them? Better yet, did any of them answer you back? Are kids these days still writing letters to celebrities? Share in the comments section below, pen pals!

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