By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated August 24, 2011 at 08:45 PM EDT
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Get it? Bananas? She’s dressed as a monkey, people!! (Yes, I get paid for this)

There’s so much to love about this brand-spakin’ new promo for the second season of my favorite new comedy of last year. From Hope’s little monkey outfit, to the cardboard buildings (I want to make those), to her little almost-talking noises. It’s too much cute to handle! Check out the promo below. And “awwww” with me.

When EW spoke with creator Greg Garcia about the second season last month, the showrunner was excited about the second season, which will begin by showing video footage of baby Hope from over the summer. “The [babies’] parents have been filming some stuff and we got some stuff with Lucas and Shannon. So I’m going to get all of that footage and hopefully be able to incorporate all of that,” he told us. Looks like mission accomplished!

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