Now this is how you make a movie based on a videogame. Portal: No Escape, which was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and has since tallied nearly 800,000 views, is a six-minute short film adapted from the beloved 2007 puzzle game Portal. The guy behind the short is Dan Trachtenberg, a 30-year-old commercial director and co-host of the pop-culture video podcast The Totally Rad Show. According to his tweets, Trachtenberg finished shooting the film one and a half years ago (before this year’s Portal 2 was even announced), and it took him this long to assemble a visual-effects team and complete post-production. All that effort shows, though, as this is one slickly produced piece of nerd nirvana.

I have purposely avoided mentioning what the short (and Portal itself) is about. If you’ve played the game, you’ve likely already seen this short and are now salivating over the notion of a feature-length Portal movie. But I’m curious to hear the reaction from those who’ve never visited Aperture Laboratories and been promised cake. Click through to watch, and let me know what you think. For science.

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