Between his stints on Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica and Leverage, Mark Sheppard is a familiar face to many fandoms. And on this Sunday’s episode of Leverage, fans hoping to see the face of wise-cracking Interpool agent James Sterling again will get their fix when he joins the team for a job on the show’s summer finale.

“It’s been a joy playing this character from the start,” says Sheppard, whose character was last seen in season 2. “The basis for this character is Sterling never loses. And if you put Sterling into a situation with other people who never lose — like Eliot [Christian Kane], Elliot never loses a fight — it’s always fun. Sterling is, as much as I’m concerned, is as part of the Leverage universe as the team in some ways. It’s always a pleasure to go back up there and go play with these guys.”

And there’s certainly plenty of play in this episode. Exhibit A: the exclusive clip below, which finds Sterling in a classic bicker-match with Eliot. “I have a lot of fun every time I get to interact with [Kane]. It’s fascinating I think it gets more and more difficult for [Eliot] every time he has to talk to Sterling — let alone spend more than two minutes with him,” Sheppard says. “I think [Eliot] genuinely doesn’t know if he wants to kiss him or kill him.”

For more with Sheppard, check out Friday’s Spoiler Room. Until then, check out this sneak peek at Leverage‘s summer finale, airing Aug. 28 at 9 p.m. ET :

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