By Kate Ward
Updated August 24, 2011 at 02:32 PM EDT

Carrie Fisher, Star Wars star and Jenny Craig spokeswoman who lost 50 pounds in the past nine months, appeared on Today this morning to talk to Ann Curry about diets, aging, her legacy, and yada yada yada, let’s get talking about that important line! At 4:20 in the video embedded after the jump — fittingly following a brief and funny conversation about a type of marijuana called Princess Leia — the actress drops a sentence that could melt carbonite: “I want to get back into the metal bikini.” Use the force to make it happen, Star Wars fanatics!

Runner-up for best line in the interview: “I exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes … [I] moved into sanskrit.” Way to make me unsuccessfully search for your next book on Amazon, Carrie.

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