By Mandi Bierly
August 23, 2011 at 03:26 PM EDT

Have you ever jumped a little too high, sobbed a little too long, laughed a little too loudly at an inappropriate moment, or had some other physical reaction (involuntary groaning or spontaneous applause) in a movie theater that left you genuinely embarrassed? SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen One Day, or read the book, go ahead and skip straight to the comments and share your story. If you have, here’s mine. 

Last night, I went to see One Day by myself (not the confession!). I wish they could put a camera on the audience and capture the reactions when Emma (Anne Hathaway) gets hit while riding her bike. I’m 99.9 percent sure I jumped the highest in my theater, with a full-on audible hand-to-mouth gasp. Even though I suspected it was coming (and I hadn’t even read the book), I wasn’t prepared for the swiftness of it. It had the shock value of Brad Pitt at the start of Meet Joe Black, only it happened at the end of the movie, so you knew this person and it left a hole in your chest. If you want to talk about the actual ending, Aly Semigran started a conversation here about whether it should have been changed for the film. I’m just bringing it up because I was genuinely embarrassed at my reaction, and without someone there to laugh about it with me afterward, I can only cling to the knowledge that no one was watching the jumpy girl in the front rows of the theater, they were all watching the screen (or, possibly, the tough guy behind me whose girlfriend probably didn’t think he was even enjoying the movie until he yelled out angrily).

Your turn. What’s the most embarrassing reaction you’ve had in theaters? The other one that came to my mind: The inappropriate laughter I could not stop when Mark Wahlberg was bobbing in the water with Diane Lane superimposed onscreen like a cheesy Sears portrait in The Perfect Storm. It was like when Jerry put that Pez dispenser on Elaine’s lap at the piano recital. I did have my friend Sheila with me that time, and it just made it worse.

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