JaneDear Girls

First pop, now country music. T-Pain, you’ve won.

The JaneDear girls, an up-and-coming female duo that shimmied onto the country scene with their self-titled debut in February, are releasing their third single, “Merry Go Round,” next month, and it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows.

The rollicking, fiddle-laced track features a hefty dose of Auto-Tuned vocals, the kind that sound more at home on Top-40 radio than country stations.

Listen to the song below:

As a country fan, I’ll be honest, I’m not so sure how I feel about hearing lead singer Susie Brown sing, “Make a merry go raaah-ound,” through a Derulo’d filter—something about the honky tonk banjo melody and the decidedly new-school use of Auto-Tune just feels incompatible to me—it’s like Ke$ha trying to invade a Brooks & Dunn record! (Though, imagining “My Maria” autotuned is kind of hilarious.)

But others around the EW office haven’t winced at the sound at all. In fact, several members of our music department say they love it, and that country and pop have been converging for years—this is just the next logical step.

After all, the girls do look like bona fide pop stars—I see doppelgängers of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in the photo above—so why not sound like them too?

Whether you love or hate the track, one thing is certain: it’s a bold song to release as a single. Only time will tell whether country audiences embrace it, or tell it to “Giddy up” and get off the radio.

So let’s turn it over to you, Music Mixers: Does Auto-Tune belong in country music? Or should it stay On a Boat where it belongs?