By Annie Barrett
Updated August 22, 2011 at 10:34 PM EDT
Credit: TV Newser

In the grand tradition of Oprah, Ellen, and Anderson, former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric’s syndicated daytime talk show — debuting in September 2012 on ABC affiliates — will be called Katie. Judging by the look of the pastels ‘n’ purple promo pic to your right, Katie will be shot in soft focus from my bedroom circa 1994.

Katie’s executive producer Jeff Zucker had hinted at the title in June: “Katie is a unique brand in television,” he said. “The mere fact that you can just say ‘Katie’ and know who we are talking about is evidence of that.”

Whoa! I guess he’s right, but does this strike anyone else as shocking? In real life, Katies are everywhere. I suppose I’m cool with Katie Couric’s show name, but that doesn’t mean that whenever I hear “Katie” I’m not gonna think of like seven different girls on my high school basketball team and a quiet, troll-like classmate who slumped so low into her chair that at times one could not distinguish between her and the desk. God, ABC, quit trying to erase all of my fabulous memories!

Stay tuned for my upcoming exclusive-to-PopWatch slambook series entitled Katies. In the meantime, vote below.

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