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That headline is so fake-seeming, tragic, and awesome all at once. In what may turn out to be her most heroic role, actress Kate Winslet saved Richard Branson’s mother from a fire early Monday morning. Winslet and her two kids, who were staying with about 20 people at the largest house on Branson’s private isle in the British Virgin Islands, escaped the flames unharmed. The fire ignited as Tropical Storm Irene hit Necker Island with lightning and high winds.

“Many thanks to Kate Winslet for helping to carry my 90 year mum out of the main house to safety,” Branson wrote on his blog. “She was wondering when a Director was going to shout CUT!”

Biz humor! It’s what it’s all about.

What did you do today?

No, no, it’s not a competition. I mean, you already were going to lose because you don’t have a private island.

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