By Kyle Anderson
Updated August 22, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Earlier this summer, Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ resurrected their Bad Meets Evil moniker and dropped Hell: The Sequel, a sturdy EP full of rugged beats and hard-hitting rhymes. (In retrospect, it was sort of like a scrappier version of Watch the Throne, wasn’t it?)

While the album didn’t take hold of the entire music world the way Slim Shady’s Recovery did last summer, it’s about to go gold and has sent its second single “Lighters” up the Billboard Hot 100 (it currently sits at number five).

At long last, Eminem, Royce and guest crooner Bruno Mars have premiered the video for “Lighters,” which just found daylight today. The clip features the man born Marshall Mathers wandering through an extremely dark underground chamber, using only a road flare as illumination. He finds he’s rhyming partner Royce in a jail cell, and eventually they make their way above ground, all while Mars tickles the ivories somewhere else entirely. Check out the clip:

A few things jump out right away. First: Will we ever see a hip-hop video that doesn’t feature a glamor shot of those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones? Sure, they look cool, but they don’t even work all that well!

Also, that clip is incredibly dark, as in it is literally difficult to see anything that is going on. (They must have saved a bundle on their lighting budget.) Finally, that closing shot with all the paper lanterns is pretty gorgeous, maybe even the most compellingly beautiful thing to appear in an Eminem video.

What are your thoughts on “Lighters”? Do you dig the video? Are you still cranking up Hell: The Sequel, or has Watch the Throne taken care of your tag-team hip-hop needs? And is this clip better than Royce’s “Writer’s Block,” which also just premiered? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.