By Kristen Baldwin
Updated August 22, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Bachelor Pad

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Pop quiz, rose lovers: If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad (and why are you reading this if that’s the case?) please see if you can guess what caused the horrible stench described in the above quote:

A) Jake’s cologne, Fame Whore.

B) The Pad’s hot tub, before or after a cleaning.

C) The otherwise lovely horses who had the extreme misfortune to be employed during a horseback riding group date Vienna attended.

You’ll have to read my recap for the answer (UPDATE: Click for Kristen’s full Bachelor Pad episode 3 recap), but if you’ve seen tonight’s episode, riddle me this: Will anyone be brave enough to take on the power couples? If tonight’s elimination is any indication, the answer is: Not anytime soon. So who to root for? (Besides Stag, who probably has no chance.) Do you have a favorite? Or a least least favorite? And who did you think looked the best in his speedo? (My vote, as always, is Michael Phelps.)

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Bachelor Pad

Chris Harrison reassembles former rose-contenders for a second chance at reality fame, love, and televised skankiness
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