By Aly Semigran
August 19, 2011 at 05:26 PM EDT

Watch out Anderson Cooper, because Ricky Gervais may have just trumped you for this week’s honor of Best Celebrity Totally Losing It On Camera. While making a promotional video for his upcoming BBC America/HBO series Life’s Too Short, the show’s creator, Gervais, whose hearty laugh never ceases to make me howl right along with him, sat down with the comedy’s star, Warwick Davis. Davis, being the ultimate good sport (though, pretty much anyone is a good sport compared to Karl Pilkington) did the spot in a frog suit, all for the amusement and delight of Gervais. (“This is my best day ever!”) It’s hard to decide what’s funnier: seeing Davis hop up the stairs dressed as a frog or watching Gervais bowled over with laughter at the absurd sight. Watch the full, semi-NSFW clip below.

As if that side-splitting promo video (“Could you stick to a wall?”) weren’t enough to make you desperate to watch Life’s Too Short, there’s also the news today that Helena Bonham Carter and Liam Neeson will be appearing on the show. The BBC confirmed to EW that the stars have signed on for cameos in the series, which is about a dwarf actor (Davis) who runs a talent agency called Dwarves For Hire, but being a “desperate, conniving, fame-hungry” person, takes all the roles for himself. Gervais posted photos of the Oscar-nominated stars’ visit to the set on his blog. In addition to Carter and Neeson, Johnny Depp, Steve Carell, and Sting have also filmed appearances for the show.

Are you excited that Liam Neeson and Helena Bonham Carter will appear on Life’s Too Short, PopWatchers? Did you get just as big a kick out of the frog video as we did? Is it Gervais’ best giggle yet or does that honor still belong to when he met Elmo? Post in the comments section below!

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