Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

There are plenty of terrible pop songs out there. But there’s something especially gross about singers who revel in the public’s dislike for them, when, in reality, the public doesn’t care enough about them to even have an opinion.

Lindsay Lohan was already “tired of rumors starting” before any of them had. X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd told haters to “get up out [her] face” on “Swagger Jagger“—her first single.

And now there is Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga, whose new single “On Display,” attempts to tell off her critics while explaining to them that Gorga is, in fact, famous. Ugh.

The worst in a long line of Housewives tracks, “On Display” celebrates Melissa’s shameless ploy for celebrity status, but, as if trying to awkwardly squeeze into the Rebecca Black-esque “Stop bullying me!” moment, also attempts to paint Melissa as a victim of relentless pop-culture persecution.

“Everybody want to steal my crown,” she whines, not realizing that we, too, could spend $3.93 at Party City if we actually did want a personal princess tiara.

Check out the tragic track below:

“I can feel the weight of the world pushing down on me,” Melissa explains. As you may or may not know, it’s, like, really stressful to decide to be a singer in your mid-thirties and then have your husband build an in-house studio in the basement while starring on a reality show. It’s sorta like the weight of the world, guys—the whole world.

But for a Real Housewife, life apparently gets even more difficult than that! Melissa says she constantly has “paparazzi watching [her] do [her] thing!” I’m not so sure I believe that one, considering she wasn’t even on TV when she recorded this song. Let’s be honest, Mel—there were no paparazzi following you around then, and there aren’t now.

Still, she claims, “It don’t matter what you say, I’m still gonna shine.” In that case, I have a request. Please stop singing. Now shine!