By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated August 19, 2011 at 10:37 PM EDT

Months before I knew I’d be taking the Goof beat in EW’s trip down ’90s nostalgia lane, I came across A Goofy Movie while channel surfing and began watching the whole thing with more enthusiasm than I remember ever feeling when I first watched the TV series. At the time, I wasn’t sure if that was because it had been so long since I watched the show, or if it was one of those rare occurrences where the movie was better than the series from which it originated.

So is A Goofy Movie, which follows the father-son pooch pair as they try to reconnect on a roadtrip, the exception? I honestly think so. I even tested my theory by devouring several episodes of Goof Troop last week — clearly against my will because who spends their entire weekend watching TV? Oh, right… — and my conclusion stands! A Goofy Movie is simply better than Goof Troop the series.

I might get torn to pieces over the declaration, but it’s my nonscientific conclusion. The movie was simply catchier, more gripping, and less sluggish than the series, which had a tendency feel longer than its 22 minutes. Take, for example, “Peg o’ the Jungle,” in which Pete spends the entire episode in hot water with his wife over a forgotten anniversary. The episode seemed to go on forever, and in the name of research (and incredible laziness), I watched the whole thing without switching it off, just to make certain I was giving it a fair chance. And I felt the same way about at least three other episodes.

But this isn’t about picking apart weak episodes of a long-gone cartoon series. This is more to pose a question to you, dear readers. Am I a freak for liking A Goofy Movie better than the series that made it possible? Am I simply brainwashed after having watched “Stand Out” way too many times? Or do some of you stand with me on this issue?