By Jeff Jensen
Updated August 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Everett Collection

Is there a Peckinpahlooza breaking out in Hollywood? EW has confirmed reports that Warner Bros. is in talks with Tony Scott (Top Gun, Unstoppable) to direct a remake of The Wild Bunch, the notoriously bloody and totally classic 1969 Western about aging outlaws originally helmed by the legendary Sam Peckinpah. News of the re-do comes as Screen Gems prepares to release the James Marsden/Kate Bosworth thriller Straw Dogs, another remake of an equally controversial Peckinpah flick starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. Peckinpah’s filmography is peppered with pulpy cult classics beloved by cineastes and geeks, including The Osterman Weekend, The Killer Elite, The Getaway, and the exquisitely titled Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia. If a convoy of Peckinpah rediscovery is trucking our way, we can only hope the next one will be, yes, Convoy, the 1978 Kris Kristofferson/Ali McGraw vehicle that featured what most reasonable, right-thinking people believe to be the greatest movie theme song ever.

While we dare to dream impossible dreams, we invite you to suggest casting ideas for this potential Tony Scott-directed reboot of The Wild Bunch, which, if done faithfully, offers some plum parts for graying action stars. (Call it: The Expendables Goes Country. Or: RED Goes To The Rodeo!) Let’s get things started by nominating Harrison Ford for the William Holden role. Cowboys And Aliens may not have shot the lights out at the box office, but at least it had the inspired, long-overdue notion of putting Han Solo — cinema’s greatest space cowboy — in something close to a real old-fashioned oater. I’d pay $10 to see him back in a saddle again. Who’s with me?

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