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Have you been missing your weekly servings of Andy Dwyer, that shoe-shining, Mouse Rat-fronting manchild from Parks and Recreation? While you await the show’s return on Sept. 22, check out something almost as good as 5,000 candles in the wind: an official Andy montage culled from the first three seasons of the Indiana-set comedy! Watch Andy (Chris Pratt) run an ill-fated receiving route in the parking lot, exhibit terrible waiting skills, vividly demonstrate how food gets converted into energy, and much more! (You won’t see him rattle off the list of former band names here, but surely that’ll be included in part 2, right?) Madames and miss…wahhs?, if you would do me the obligation of having… your honor… heretofore… eh, just press play and enjoy your journey into the world of Andymation.

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