Since we already know the rules of horror movies (R.I.P. Randy), it’s time we establish the rules of an indie romantic comedy. If you’re an off-beat guy who desperately wants to be in love and digs sad rock, you will inevitably fall for an equally off-beat hipster girl, who, in addition to sporting frustrating bangs and liking the same brand of sad rock, is emotionally stunted and actually kind of mean. Lovelorn fellow will ignore all the warning signs that she isn’t so much “original” as she is just plain crazy, and said kooky girl will pretty much get away with murder thanks to her American Apparel good looks and collection of Cure records. In fact, in Funny or Die‘s latest parody, Quirky Girl, that is exactly the case.

In the clip, Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul and Take Me Home Tonight‘s Teresa Palmer riff on (500) Days of Summer (bonus points for the Geoffrey Arend cameo, which sees the actor reprising his role as the humorous best friend/voice of reason) and the worst offender of all, Garden State, as Joseph and Claire, a couple who fall in love despite the odds. The odds here are that she is actually a serial killer, who makes “indie” hats out of human faces and has an affinity for blood. (“She’s just quirky!” he insists.) Watch the full, somewhat NSFW, trailer below and find out the real, terrifying “truth behind manic pixie dream girls.” Should have listened to Randy!

Would you see Quirky Girl, PopWatchers? Are all pixie girls really secretly evil or just misunderstood? Share in the comments section below!

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