By Jeff Labrecque
Updated August 18, 2011 at 02:52 PM EDT

Christine O’Donnell cut her interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan short after the former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware grew frustrated with the host’s insistence in discussing her previous statements on sex, gay marriage, and the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The Tea Party darling eventually accused the Brit of being rude, but she initially tried to laugh off his persistent queries into her infamous remarks about masturbation. “Are you the pro-masturbation talk-show host?” she tried to joke, opening the door for Morgan to answer, “If the option is to be the anti, I think I’d be in the pro department, and I’m not afraid to say so.”

O’Donnell tried to steam ahead with her Tea Party talking points, but Morgan interrupted with “Have you committed lust in the heart since then?”

O’Donnell was not amused, but Morgan’s line of questioning seemed to rattle her. “I address that stuff in the book,” she said, before continuing with, “I’m here to talk about the book.” Ooookay. She’d had enough of Morgan and bluntly told him so. “I obviously want to talk about the issues that I choose to talk about in the book,” she remarked, clearly mistaking Morgan for a stenographer.

“Why are you being so weird about this?” Morgan replied. “I’m just asking you questions based on your own public statements and now what you’ve written in your own book.”

“Okay, I’m being pulled away,” O’Donnell said. “You know, we turned down another interview for this.” Watch the exchange below.

For the record, speaking at the Republican’s Women’s Club isn’t an interview. It’s a speech. Piers Morgan, however, was supposed to be an interview. He asks questions. You do your best to answer or deflect them.

I’ll admit that Morgan was a little impudent, but mostly because of O’Donnell’s stubborn refusal to address an issue she’s well known for. (He never even mentioned witchcraft!) Walking off might endear O’Donnell to some of her most devout supporters, but it also demonstrated a lack of preparedness for prime-time. What did you think?

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