By Kate Ward
Updated August 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM EDT
Credit: FX

Prior to last week, I couldn’t stop talking to my parents about Louie. “Oh, it’s a genius show,” I’d tell my Big Apple-based parents. “Anyone who lives in New York really should watch,” I’d say. “It’s a hilarious, sweet series about a guy and his kids,” I’d respond when they asked about its plot. After months of prodding, they started to get sick and tired of hearing about how brilliant that Fünke Louis C.K. is. So, finally, we decided to sit down as a family last week to watch Louie‘s new episode.

Well, it turned out I chose the episode… poorly. Anyone who saw Thursday’s new show can attest that it was less sweet and more… oh, what’s the word… ah, I got it: All about masturbation. Add to that an elevator scene (pictured) I would describe as bawdy — if bawdy meant “so dirty, it’s basically an Aristocrats joke” — and you have one uncomfortable TV-watching moment with the family. Honestly, I have never seen an episode more deserving of a TV-MA rating.

Now, for the record, the episode was hysterical and, my parents being awesome, they were laughing. But it still didn’t make the episode any less uncomfortable. In fact, I spent so much of the half hour with my head buried beneath a pillow, I’m going to have to re-watch it. It’s the same way I felt after seeing Friends‘ “The One With Phoebe’s Uterus” with my mom many years back. But now it’s time to hand it over to you, PopWatchers: What’s the dirtiest episode you ever watched with your parents? Has Sex and the City with the family ever made you feel uncomfortable? Ally McBeal? True Blood? Nothing quite makes a family dinner complete like mashed potatoes and a head-spinning sex scene!

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