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It takes a strong Grey’s Anatomy fan to follow creator Shonda Rhimes on Twitter. She’s a clever woman with enough vague teases to send any hardcore fan into a “Why isn’t it September yet!?!?” rage. Exhibit A, a tweet sent yesterday about an upcoming episode of hit drama: “Table read for the all boys episode of Grey’s Anatomy was hilarious!!!”

An “all”-what? Not that I’d personally complain about an all-beef episode, but her tweet certainly made me curious about the specifics. If you were too, read on.

Apparently, the episode, which will be the fourth of the new season, will be told from an “all male” perspective — meaning voiceovers, usually done by Meredith, will be done by [spoiler alert] newbie chief Owen, Derek, Alex, and the other male cast members. And not to worry, a source adds that the women of Grey’s also appear in the episode.

Additionally, I’m told the hour will center around a disaster that takes place a Comic-Con-type convention, complete with some costumed victims. Considering the adventures team EW had at Comic-Con, I’m rather looking forward to this one. Agreed?

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