Normally, the phrase “Catch you later,” simply means, “See you soon.” But when it’s said by Jerry, the hunky neighborhood vampire played by Colin Farrell in Fright Night, it literally means, “I will catch youlater.”

In an exclusive sneak peek at the remake of the 1985 cult horror-comedy, Charlie (Anton Yelchin) challenges his blood-thirsty neighbor after a harrowing car-chase. Jerry isn’t pretending anymore — his fangs are out, his pupils are black — but Charlie, who’s clearly done his homework, wields a mighty big cross. “Not the cross, Charlie!” hisses Farrell. Watch their fiery confrontation after the jump.

Much like the original, this updated Fright Night, which opens this Friday in 3-D, feels like the vampire movie the boys have been waiting for. No epic romance, no self-loathing blood-suckers. Just pure predatory evil wrapped in dark humor. Of course, the ladies will be captivated, too — by either Yelchin’s earnest goodness, or more likely, Farrell’s bite.

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