Charlie Sheen
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How do you mock an actor with as many alarming recent issues as Charlie Sheen?

By delivering a dose of tough-love medicine, says Comedy Central’s “roastmaster general” Jeff Ross, who gave some hints as to what viewers can expect when Sheen gets skewered on Sept. 19.

“These roasts are often therapeutic for a person,” Ross says. “These are things he needs to hear. No one deserves to be roasted more than the warlock. I see this as a comedy intervention. This is the first step of what you could call a comeback.”

Charlie Sheen
Credit: PRN/PR Photos

Ross says the show is seeking roasters who will really let loose on the dais rather than big celebrities. One person you’re not likely to see is porn star Capri Anderson, who was with Sheen during his infamous Plaza Hotel trashing. Anderson asked to be on the show, and Ross says he replied that the idea was “interesting,” prompting reports that assumed she would attend.

“There is a long list of people from Charlie’s past who want to roast him,” Ross says. “I did ask Charlie about [Anderson]. He said, ‘If she brings my watch back the same way she snuck it out she can roast me.'”

What about Sheen’s family members? “I think people are going to be blown away by the line up,” he replies, not wanting to give anything away. “There has been interest from very surprising people. And Charlie is going to put a lot of attention on his roast rebuttal.”

C’mon, just a little preview?

Ross relents: “We have to find out how Charlie Sheen went from TV’s highest paid actor to the highest actor on TV.”

There you go…