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Credit: Stewart Volland

Following the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair killed five fans waiting for a Sugarland concert this weekend, the country music duo announced today that they will hold a private memorial in Indiana t honor the fans who died.

According to a letter posted on Sugarland’s website today, the event is still in the planning stages. “We would first like to hold space so that their families can have time to go through their own services and memorials,” the letter explains. “Until that time we are holding vigil for them. We join them on their mourning benches.”

Sugarland also wrote that, although they canceled an appearance in Iowa scheduled for Aug. 14, their Incredible Machine tour will resume this Thursday, Aug. 18, in Albuquerque. “The emotions have us yearning to be close to each other immediately. The logistics have us needing to replace all of our instruments and equipment,” the band wrote, adding that “the set is a loss that is insignificant in light of the tragedy.”

The stage collapse, in the days following, has been deemed a “fluke event” by Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. Daniels praised the bravery of other onlookers who jumped in to help the 40 concertgoers injured in the storm-related accident. Meanwhile, musician Sara Bareilles, who performed on the stage just before it collapsed, has also spoken words of sympathy: “The accident at the Indiana State Fair felt like a bad dream,” she said. “My heart aches for the lives lost or injured as well as their families. We will do whatever we possibly can to help heal the hurt from this very sad day.”


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